I have been challaged with figuring out an easy way to upgrade the Bittorrent Sync software I use to replicate my files on my Raspberry Pi’s.  The upgrade process on my mac is super easy.  The upgrade process on Raspbian should be easy however the person who has been maintaining the easy to upgrade package hasn’t updated his package in 9 months.

The internet is a small world.  Every single how to i find on the internet about installing Bittorrent Sync on a Pi (I found at least a half a dozen) point to this one repo.  I found instructions on how to setup everything manually however it was not a simple process.  Right as I was reviewing the steps to do the manual install I stumbled accross someone who forked the original package and is maintaining the latest update of the sync software.

After testing the install process on a clean Pi, I ran an upgrade on one of the two Pi’s I currently have at home.  The upgrade worked great.  I just ran the upgrade on the other local Pi and then on the remote units with no major issues.  This new repo says they are in sync with Bittorrent Sync’s release schedule by about 24 hours.  Hopefully I will be able to stay up to date from now on.

I am hoping my upgrade (from 2.0.94 to 2.2.7) solves some minor bugs I have been experiencing with one location.

This was the first major upgrade to all my nodes on my private cloud.  I was a bit cautious however in the end the system didn’t get corrupted and functioned as it should.

Next up I am thinking about another remote node location.

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