Ah September.  Fall is almost upon us.  That means iPhone upgrade season.  I admit that typically I have upgraded phones annually.  That ended when when the iPhone 5S came out.  There was just not enough compelling reasons for me to upgrade so I skipped it.  Last year the 6 was significant enough of an upgrade and I needed  new phone so the decision to upgrade was simple.  The harder part was deciding between the 6 or 6 Plus.  The 6 won out.  This year I have to ponder the same issue.

The 6S may not be enough of an upgrade however the force touch does seem nice.  It boils down to I likely do not need to upgrade however I am going to anyway.  I save away money every month with the assumption that I am going to upgrade and I can sell the 6 with enough resale value that I am don’t get sticker shock from the upgrade.

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