Since around the new year and trying to figure out what next phase of my private cloud backup network would look like. The design was originally leveraging several raspberry pi’s however practice only one remains at a remote location. The remaining remote locations I’m using old Mac Minis. Even the one Pi I do have deployed is inoperable and needs to be rebuilt. I’m not sure if it’s the Rasbian version of BitTorrent Sync are generally anyone expelled for sync but I had several problems with the Rasbian  installs losing their license identity. What happens is I then have to re-add the BitTorrent Sync pro license and reindex all my shares on that node. It’s annoying and I’m concerned though because option at some point.

At the same time I’ve been looking at ways to better secure the remote data. All of my systems are at friends and families houses so endpoint security’s been less of a concern then on the network security however when BitTorrent Sync announced encrypted folders I was extremely curious. After playing around with it for a while I have opted not to use the encrypted folders however it’s something I’m still thinking about for the future.

On a side note I’ve been contemplating a Lenox desktop to complement my Mac. I shopped around and found a nice inexpensive Zotak. I picked one up and put a 120gig SSD and eight gigs of RAM in it. I wasn’t sure if I was use it as a desktop or to replace my BitTorrent Sync Pi. Right now I’m having keep a replica copy of my data at home to test it out. I’m currently running go to 14.04. It’s been running pretty well however I did have one or two anomalies with sync folders so I am not yet ready to deploy it in the wild. My goal in a long-term is to replace all the minis with something like the Zotak. The new boot to install also increases that new to 4 TB of storage versus the raspberry Pi I have deployed with a 1 TB hard drive.

As part of my incremental upgrades I have put a 4 TB drive in one of the remote minis and the other has a 2 TB drive. That gives me some headroom since fully seated backup is around a terabyte.

Holding off on any additional drive upgrades until I can confirm that the Ubuntu based Zotak is working well. If it is I hope to pick up another one two.

The raspberry Pi’s are not going to go to waste. I’m using one of them has an extra replica copy at home for BitTorrent Sync. I have a higher tolerance for failure for that since it’s an extra copy at home of my data. I’m installing some applications on another one. Future projects for the remaining ones include a possible reverse proxy, Wi-Fi hotspot and or WebCam. I just need to find the time for all these projects. For now just want to finish my backup solution upgrade.

And if you’re reading all this thinking yourself do I really need a four node private cloud network the answer is of course not. The other answer is it’s really six nodes if you count the three I’m running at home. In the end I didn’t save the money using a private cloud  since even though a lot of the equipment was lying around there was some upfront costs that I won’t realize unless I use the system for 2 to 3 years. The reason to do it however was more because I can and because I wanted control over my information. I’m glad I’m continuing to tinker with this since I’m learning a lot and a lot of fun.

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