I’ve been using Quicken 2016 on my Mac for a few weeks now. I have had less issues regarding duplicate transactions than I did with Bankify. That’s the good news. There are some growing pains however. Not everything works as well as I would like. There’s one stock that the system won’t find so I have to manually updated if I want to get the correct values.

I haven’t had as much problems with reconciling my accounts as I did with Bankify however it hasn’t been all roses and rainbows. I’m not sure if it’s just issues I didn’t catch in the migration or issues in downloading of the data. It is definitely easier to reconcile however than the old system. So my main objective has been successful.

Other challenges I’ve had with finding things. Editing a payee or category wasn’t a straightforward as I thought it would be. There is no menu option to go to payees. You have to start typing in a payee and then click on the edit button to bring you up all of the payees in window to edit them. If you don’t know that it’s frustrating. The iOS app didn’t seem that useful however I haven’t played with it that much. Of course I haven’t played with that much because it didn’t seem that useful.


All in all I’m hoping Quicken improves with a new Quicken 2017 soon however my challenges are not enough to want me to go back to Bankify. I’ll see how things are going in another month or so.

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