Say hi to Snowball. Pretty much everyone that sits near me believes that this is a speaker. They are usually pretty surprised when I tell them that it is in fact a microphone. I would think the people that immediately sit near me here my dictation however maybe I’m more self-conscious then I should be.

What’s cool about the snowball is that with a keyboard command I can turn on my Dragon Dictate app and dictate something pretty clearly and then turn off the listening mode of DragonDictate. I was hoping for and what ended up happening is that this microphone enables me to use the Dragon software more often throughout the day. Before that I would have to put a headset on and take it off every time I wanted to dictate. That was annoying. I also couldn’t listen to music at the same time I want to dictate anything because I couldn’t have two headsets on at the same time.

A guy at work who was dabbled in blogging owns a better model microphone by the same company recommended it. The reviews on Amazon were also pretty good so I splurged a little bit and picked this mic up a few months ago. I’m glad that I did. It is not as accurate as My headset mic right up against to my face however it gets the job done a lot better than any other alternative.

Anything that allows me to decrease the amount of typing I do, the happier I am. I do find however that for longer documents or messages I need to write I prefer to take my laptop and headset and go into huddle room to dictate. I think that is more around being self-conscious then performance of the snowball.

Overall this was a great purchase.

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