When Apple announced that the public betas for iOS was available I thought about trying it out. I then remembered Beta one of iOS and how I had to quickly remove it from my phone even though it wasn’t a phone I relied on day-to-day. This year I waited. Last year around now I felt it was safe enough to try the beta on a phone and generally was okay playing with it through the official launch of the operating system.

Since as of this writing it is late August (22-August and not sure when this post will be scheduled to post) and the launch date for the final version of iOS 10 is close enough I finally installed the latest public beta of iOS 10 on my iPhone 6S Sunday. So far I haven’t noticed much difference. It feels like all his bedding features I was looking for a not yet enabled class apps are written to support them. I am talking about features like unified call log and chat messages in messages from my VOIP applications. Or Siri application integration.

One function that does work is facial identification in photos.I was able to tag some photos with the correct names of people however when I miss tagged one photo I was not able to remove the linkage. There’s definitely some work that needs to be done however so far it looked pretty cool.

Other than the notification pop-ups looking different I haven’t really experienced much change so far. Our plus side most of the apps I’ve tried to use including my dictation app seemed to work without problem. I was concerned about the beta breaking stuff. That is why I waited until late August to try a beta. I am also only testing on one phone that if I ran into a problem I don’t have to rely on.


I wrote the initial part of this post over the weekend and scheduled it to publish on Friday, 26 August. Between the time I wrote it and Wednesday night I had a change of heart. There did not seem to be anything fundamentally wrong with iOS 10. I’m eager to see some of the new functions working when applications are updated to support them however feature wise the beta was just not that compelling to keep using it. The trade-off to using it was flaky network connections where I would have to put the phone in airplane mode and then turn it off every time I came out of the subway. To my dictation app, Dragon Anywhere not syncing correctly even know it mostly worked. I don’t rely on this phone that’s running the beta however it was more nuisance than it was worth.

In the end there wasn’t anything majorly compelling to use the beta or to get rid of it. I took the short term hit of time to do a full restore last night and will eagerly upgrade when the final version comes out.

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