Ever since before I decided to lose it weight I was tracking my activity. Originally I used a Jawbone Up. I went through several versions of them and then I try to Fitbit for a while. I ended up going back to jawbone and then again back to Fitbit. For about a year I have been using a Fitbit Alta.

That was until last month I stopped using an activity tracker during the day. The annoying clanking of the band against my watch finally drove me to stop using an activity band altogether during the day. I did some basic research and I found that the accelerometer on my iPhone is relatively comparable four step count to a wristband activity tracker. The downside I read were you don’t always have your phone with you so the phone doesn’t always capture your total activity. For me I generally do carry the phone with me most of the time and the level of accuracy the phone would give me versus wristband was worth the trade-off.

Several weeks into this change my step count seems pretty consistent. I still use my Fitbit to track sleep however I stopped wearing it during the day. Generally pretty happy about that decision since having my watch and a wristband was always annoying. It was worth it when there was an alternative however now that I found a decent one I don’t see going back to wearing a dedicated wristband with the feature set that are currently offered.

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