This was a story that happened back in February.  I am finally getting around to writing about it.

For almost as long as she could talk and sentences Teagan has spoken about Her friend Doka. I don’t remember if I journaled about him/her before. At first Doka was just a friend that was a baby. Then she became her baby. Consistently she has been very small and resides and Teagan’s ear. Since as long as Teagan is been her mommy she’s been living into Teagan’s ear.

Later on Teagan started saying that she has 10 children. Doka was always discussed first. Recently she went from having different names for each of the kids to all of them being named Doka. Only one of them lives and her ear, the original one.

Today while looking at my photo screensaver on my laptop Teagan commented that a baby did not have any hair. She then said that no babies have any hair. I corrected her and said some babies have a little bit of hair and that she had some when she was a baby but not much. 

After telling her that she told me that Doka in her ear has no hair. She offered to show me and came over and turned her head so I can look into her ear. I moved her hair away from her ear and looked inside and put my finger right at the edge of her ear and said oh yeah I see Doka. Teagan smiled and stepped away and then told me that when I touched Doka she giggled.

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