In late April I wrote about my secure email plans as well as my waffling in a final decision for how I want to set up my system. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to be invited into the beta for ProtonMail‘s IMAP Bridge. One of the challenges I had in April was neither secured provider ProtonMail or Tutanota had a way for me to export mail once it was in their system. That was a huge drawback for me. I knew about the protonmail beta however at the time of writing that post I was not invited into it.

I’ve since started taking part in the beta and I’m very pleased with the outcome so far. I’m able to use the Apple mail app on my MacBook to connect to the service. Since the bridge can ask via standard IMAP I’m then able to use Devonthink to import my mail into a database for archiving. I was able to do that with my regular accounts before however this is new for protonmail since in the past I was only able to access it via the web.

The beta changes my opinion of the service now that my mail is not locked into it. I had high hopes for the beta when I heard about it and my experience to date confirmed my expectations.

The next big challenge I had was what email address to use. With the male archiving problem solve force myself to make a decision. I’ve opted to go with a new domain name. I will route my personal address from the old domain name to the new one. In my signature I will offer both addresses as reply to options. That is because the from address can only be new mail domain that I’ve set up. Proton mail does not allow me to create a fake alias phone address not hosted on their system. Perspective restriction however it was a minor inconvenience for me.

With all these changes set up I have been using proton mail for a few weeks now. I’m still sending a copy of my personal mail to my old mail server. In about a month if everything goes according to plan I will remove the redirect back to my hosting service provider’s email system and solely use proton mail for my personal email.

After that my next decision is do I move my nonpersonal email to proton mail as well. Not having the alias option is more of a challenge with that type of mail. That is because I have unique email dresses for many sites I use. If I need to email someone many times has to originate from the address where the account is registered to. For now I will stick to personal mail only and assess the situation in the future.

Overall very pleased my new set up. It’s not perfect however nothing usually is. It turned out to be very functional and the trade-offs are now well worth it.

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