Now that it’s pretty public that we are moving overseas in early 2018 I can finally write publicly about it. I wanted to write about it for a while. I’ve journaled privately a little bit to collect my thoughts however I have not sat down to write any cohesive posts. There’s so much to talk about I’m not sure where to begin. The internal narrative in my head is saying start at the beginning. The question is not sure where to begin or what’s the beginning of the story.

I guess I can start by saying this move is the culmination of multiple events and actions on MCN my part that enabled us to have this wonderful opportunity. It started with MC and I talking about if we would even want to do something like this as far back as last August. We had talked about it when we were dating but it was more like if the opportunity ever happened would be considerate. In August we talked seriously about what that would mean for us if it was a possibility.

MC also worked to get her Irish citizenship. That was something that she talked about doing as far back as when we were dating. The process involved was simple but not easy. That’s why we never really worked on it. While MC had that process in motion and we were waiting for details from the Irish government an opportunity arose at work. Up until earlier in the year I had been managing a regional support group. There is very little international opportunity. A reorganization was announced in March. As part of that I moved into my current role. It was something I’d on a smaller scale in the past and enjoyed. Taking it on globally was a challenge and just different enough to what I was doing that I was eager for the change. The added benefit was that the role was a global one. That opened the door for the discussion about relocation. My manager was open to it and we made the case to our leadership. That took several months however in the end they were on board with it.

I have always felt doing something like this would be very interesting. I almost had an opportunity ages ago in 2000 but was literally days too late. The only other firm opportunity that came up was when I was at Datastream. That however was to go to France. I don’t speak French so I had reservations. I always felt that if an opportunity presented itself I’d be interested.

The how we are going boils down to MC having her citizenship that helped the use case with my company and my new role that I started in May. The why we are going is the experience. I think my dad said it when I was talking to him last week about this that how many Americans have an opportunity like this? I looked it up apparently it’s about 2 to 6 million out of how many hundreds of millions of Americans live overseas. I’ve grown to love believe that the most important thing in life is the experiences. To experience another culture while doing a job I enjoy greatly is a fantastic opportunity. Don’t get me wrong there are many downsides to this that I will go into in another post. Going and not liking it is one thing however having an opportunity like this passing up is something that I think I would always regret.

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