I am sticking with the title even though I am not sure if the Operah joke goes over well in this context.

The thing about living overseas is you need a passport. MC hadn’t renewed her US passport until the summer. It expired sometime last year. We were pleasantly surprised to get the passport back pretty quick versus how long the State Department said it could take.

My passport is good through 2019 however I’m renewing it early. For one thing I look vaguely like the photo on my passport nowadays. It’s almost funny to see how much more weight I had back then. I also think it’s a good idea to renew it now since renewing it while I’m overseas I feel will be more challenging. Since we want to make a trip before we move I sent my request off and paid the expedite fee. Even though MC had hers come back pretty fast there’s no guarantee. I did not want take that chance.

Teagan has a passport however since she got it when she was not yet one it’s expiring the summer. We will likely have to renew it before we go. I think there’s a rule that you’re not supposed to travel if your passport will expire within six months. I’m curious about that however in any event will renew Teagan before we leave.

Amelia and I went one morning this summer to get hers done. I was surprised at how complicated that was for me to go by myself without MC. Apparently the governments concerned about people getting passports and taking their kids without telling the other spouse. I needed to provide a notarized letter and proof of ID from MC saying she knows that I’m getting a passport for Amelia. I get the reasons why you have to do this however I was slightly amused, and slightly annoyed that I had to do that. Amelia didn’t really care. She was fascinated with the post office.

Once Teagan is taking care of we will be all set. Next up is the visas. Thankfully work is taking care of those.

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