I’m pretty sure that replacing this kitchenAid mixer is in my employee contract for moving.  If not it’s a stipulation in the unwritten marriage agreement that we get a new mixer when we get to London. It will be an expensive item however this mixer is the bringer of deliciousness, the facilitator of cake making so we will, no must have one. Unfortunately just not this one.

I do reserve the right to have sticker shock and at least think about alternatives when i see the price including VAT.

My sister graciously said she would give our mixer a home. I told her I I reserve the right to be an Indian giver her and take back the mixer if/when we come back to the states. She said she’ll take that chance and put the mixer next to another appliance with the same restrictions she got from her friend Amy 11 years ago before they went to Hong Kong. Well played Carrie.

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