It used to be that when a new iPhone would come out it would have enough features that I would go one by one. There really wasn’t a question about it. When the iPhone 5S came out it was the first time I decided not to upgrade. It just wasn’t compelling for me.

I had the same dilemma when the iPhone 7+ came out and I had an iPhone 6S+. Someone convinced me to get it and go on the Apple purchase plan so I can get upgrades every year. Not saving any money however it’s a consistent payment for the same level of technology. With our plan to go overseas in January I do not think I can continue to use the Apple purchase plan since I believe it is only offered in the US. When the iPhone X was announced I originally thought I wanted it. Then as I do sometimes, I waffled a bit. I was not sure if the price difference was worth it verse the iPhone 8. The difference in cost is $200.

I was reading a review comparing both the 8 & the X and as I was reading it I was leaning more and more towards going with a simple iPhone 8+. One of the things that sounded cool in the beginning but as I read about it and thought about it I really did not like was the face recognition. The security minded part of me screams this might not be a good idea. At least Maybe I should wait till I get it. That along with the fact that the iPhone 8 and 8+ have virtually identical internals then the X got me wondering if I really needed to be spending the extra $200 for the X.

I was basically convinced to go with the iPhone 8+ until I got the end of the article and they showed a scale diagram of all three phones side-by-side. The iPhone 8, 8+, & X. I was surprised to see how dramatically smaller the iPhone X was to the 8+ while at the same time having a larger screen. The iPhone X was only marginally wider than the iPhone 8. That’s pretty small.

Despite the fact that I have reservations on the facial recognition unlocking of the phone the size difference between the plus and the X is too compelling. That means in a few weeks I will be getting up early to preorder my iPhone X. Later that morning I’ll be aggravated by the fact that I probably couldn’t place the order quick enough because Apple systems are overloaded. I do not have a crystal ball I just remember the last two or three times I tried to do this. I’m just stubborn enough to ignore past history and try again anyway.


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