Teagan was up early Sunday morning with a stomach bug. That meant the family went into quarantine. We were going to visit my dad in the morning and then have some of MC‘s cousins over for brunch in the afternoon. Everything got canceled. We just hoped Teagan would feel better and that she didn’t pass it on to her sister.

Before Teagan got sick MC had prepared a French toast casserole for brunch. With no company coming over food that would go bad we decided to make it anyway. Teagan wasn’t eating obviously however MC myself and Amelia had the delicious French toast casserole.

For her size Amelia eats pretty well however in the grand scheme of things didn’t put a dent in this casserole. MC did not have that much so that left me to accept the challenge to try to finish this thing as best as I could.

When I told MC that she said no, no you don’t need to finish it. I cannot stress how specific she was on the fact that I did not have to try to eat as much of this casserole as I could. I ignored her and tried anyway. I had about three helpings before I had to stop. There’s more than enough for another meal that we will have one day this week possibly for dinner when Teagan is better.

MC’s French toast casserole is usually fantastic and this one did not disappoint. It wasn’t however the Paula Dean recipe with some ridiculous amount of butter and pralines in it. That is likely the only reason I am still breathing right now!

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