So funny story, this story was written back in the middle of September 2016.  I thought i published it however I published a draft.  I only recently noticed it was in my drafts folder on WordPress.  Now I am finally getting around to publish it.

I don’t deny that I’m a geek and into most things science fiction. Some of the most fun about having kids is introducing them to things I loved to do as a kid. One area that I felt I have been lacking at is introducing the kids to superheroes and other science fiction universes. When Amelia was born and Teagan was going to a play group every Friday I remember seeing kids at the time (about a year and a half old) having lots of different superhero action figures. Not the small ones like G.I. Joe’s that I had but bigger ones for toddlers. I felt I was not doing my job as a parent because I wasn’t exposing Teagan yet to some cool stuff. I didn’t really think I need to act that quickly but apparently everyone else was. That was around the time that I asked for some of my old toys for my parents. I was then able to introduce her to Ironman, Superman, the A-Team for some reason. I also got Doctor Who action figures.

In the two years or so since then I’ve done an okay job of keeping them interested in superheroes and science-fiction. I bought the little golden books of Star Wars. Because of that the girls have read the abridged versions of all the Star Wars movies. They’ve also read several superhero books and have some superhero toys. I felt for a while that I had greater luck with exposing the girls to rockets and the space station and superheroes until recently.

Amelia has had an Avengers book bag for over a year. Last year we went to pick out book bags that’s what she picked. Teagan wanted something with frozen on it. Since I prefer Marvel over DC and Iron Man is probably one of my favorite superheroes I was pleased that she picked the avengers. I had absolutely no say in that decision. It’s after she had it for a while though she would constantly ask for it by saying she wants the Superman backpack. Apparently since Capt. America and Superman both are in blue costumes she associated the two and for some reason keeps thinking Capt. America is Superman. My super geeky side of me is torn since I’m not a Superman fan however I love that she loves Superman.

Last year Amelia asked for a Superman watch. She always sees me changing my watch when I get home from work so she must know that I like them. Teagan and her have both had these little plastic watches they got at the dentist office toy been for almost a year. They love to wear them. I have wanted to get regular children’s watches for both of them however I couldn’t find something I really wanted to get them and was happy not to spend the money if they were okay with what they had. When Amelia asked me for Superman watch I thought to myself challenge accepted. As I was shopping for watch and MC was putting the girls to bed Amelia proceeds to announce that she also wants a Superman Dee Dee. What she meant was she wanted a Superman stuffed animal. She proceeds to turn to Teagan and asks “ you want Elsa Dee Dee?”. Implying that Teagan would want and also stuffed animal since she likes frozen. Teagan already had to or more else the stuffed animals so she did not need any more however I added to my list of things to research a Superman stuffed animal.

I was able to find a kids Superman watch that helped tell time with the hour and minute hands labeled for kids to know what they are. Of course Amelia would have to read in order for that to be helpful for however she love the watch regardless. The stuffed animal I found wasn’t the greatest. It had a hard plastic head and was kinda thin body. Amelia did not seem to care. When I gave it to her she grabbed it and hugged it tightly. She was in her room getting ready for bed and took her Paddington bear which is her favorite stuffed toy and threw it down out of her crib as if she didn’t need it anymore. Don’t be worried that anything happened to Paddington bear she was all over him 20 minutes later. It was however pretty funny to see her throw him away so quickly when she got Superman.

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