For a few months now I have been trying one night every week to introduce some traditional American summer food to the girls routine.  They have had hot dogs a bunch of times prior to this but have generally been meh with them.  It has been very hit or miss.  I did try real hot dog buns vs just wrapping them in bread.  I enjoyed it but they didn’t take to it as I would have liked.  It is also work to de-skin sometimes and slice the long way the hot dog a bunch of times so they don’t choke on it.

Recently I have also tried hamburgers.  Surprisingly The girls have not really eaten them. Both of the girls have eaten hamburgers at least partly. The problem is I can’t get both of them to eat a full meal of it at the same time. Teagan has fared better recently. The last time I made them cheeseburgers Amelia picked the cheese off the burger and that’s all she ate. At the same sitting Teagan at least ate 1/2 a hamburger.

With our upcoming move getting them to eat classic American fare has become a mission of mine. I guess I like to take on unnecessary and probably un-winable missions. They do eat the other traditional American children’s food the chicken nugget. I have heard people say  it is definitely harder to get a good hamburger in England then in the states. I’m not so sure if that’s true however I’m not taking my chances. I’m pretty sure a good American hotdog is going to be a challenge to get. I don’t keep kosher however I like and all beef hot dog. Sometimes that’s hard to get even in New York so confidence is low that I will be able to do that in London all that often. For me not a huge deal since I don’t eat hotdogs very much and although I love hamburgers I eat them for less than I used to. I do want the kids to appreciate good American comfort food.

While we are on the topic of good American comfort food I have to point out how baffled I am that Teagan doesn’t eat grilled cheese. Well I’ll clarify that. The grilled cheese they used to give at school every week she did not eat. We would go out and she would sometimes eat it. I had to scratch my head at that one. She loves toast. She loves toast with butter. She loves cheese. All those things  put together makes you a grilled cheese. I did get her to articulate  once that her issue is she did not like the kind of cheese however I’m not really sure if that’s true. That would solve the mystery however like the doctor my kids lie. Not a bad way, in a standard little kid way that you can’t really trust everything they say.

Before we go I need to figure out what other American steeples should I introduce the girls to so they have an appreciation of it before we go.

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