It turns out that I have people subscribed to this blog’s Feedburner Feed.  It was not many however more than I thought.  My challenge is I previously deleted most of my Google Accounts.  Turns out one of those was the account that controlled my Feedburner account.  Opps. I liked Feedburner because I could change domain names and still have the subscription feed be up to date.  Over the years I have changed his blog’s URL a bunch of times.  Surprisingly I would end up back to the original URL that I started with.  That is what I use today.

After 14 years and I keep coming back to the same site name and URL I figure I am not likely to change the URL to something else that is that much better.  I might try but I know deep down I should just give up and not try.  If I do that I do not need to maintain this feed that no longer represents the name of the site anyway.

If you do happen to use my RSS feed please update your feed to follow  The old feed “should” be telling you to redirect to the new one however I cannot test that since I am cashing the old content.  I will get around to testing later.  Thus this public service announcement about making the change if you do want to keep following me and you are not getting your updates from Facebook or Twitter.

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