I got lucky and my iPhone X arrived on launch day va the original 1-2 weeks late.

Initial feedback I have is good. The size was the main reason I wanted it. For this size screen in this size phone it makes it totally worth it. Notice the size in both photos. The X is the middle phone. Barely noticeable difference to the 6S and super small vs the 7+. Feels really food to hold vs the 7+.

Most apps worked without any issues. Several I use do not have an Z optimized version so things look smaller for now. For launch day I was pleased by how many apps were optimized for the new screen size. My only major app issue is Airwatch that I need for work apps. It would not work and would keep looking me to authenticate. I had to remove the app and reinstall it and everything was fine.

The cheap old Wireless charging pad I had did not work even if it was supposed to. The iPhone saw it but after about 30 minutes I saw no difference in charge. I need to investigate getting a better one. I will likely wait till I am in London for that so I don’t have to deal with her another power plug converter.

For my most expensive iPhone yet I am pleased with the upgrade. Now I have to prepare and ebay my 7+. I will not miss the hearty device.

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