What must have been 6 or more months ago I lost my wedding ring.  Needless to say i was not pleased.  What was really annoying is that I almost never take it off other than to go to bed.  My youngest has been caught on several occasions taking the ring and walking around with it.  When i noticed it was missing i made the assumption that she was the culprit.

The ring stayed missing.  Even when MC lost and then found her engagement ring T had moved.  I was pretty confident that the ring was in the house.  As we are planning to move I was hopeful that when we packed up our bedroom I would find it.

After a few months of not finding the ring I broke down and bought a new one.  Where the last one was a nice Platinum ring I bought a $40 titanium one.  it was weirdly light.  I figured i wanted to wear something but i wasn’t prepared to give up hope about my original ring.  That meant i wasn’t ready to fork over money on a gold or platinum ring to replace the original one.

Today I wore my Pea coat for the first time of the season.  As I was fishing for my keys as I was coming home with the girls I felt something metal that wasn’t keys.  I thought at first I lost my new wedding ring.  Even before i looked at it i knew it wasn’t the new one.  it was much heavier.  My hopes went up.  I was still wearing my new ring.  I had finally solved the mystery of the wedding ring.

I am now wondering how it got in there.  I can’t remember taking it off and putting it in there so it may have fallen off when i grabbed something in my pocket.  then i didn’t use the coat since the season was over.  I now feel a little bad that i thought A did it but she is totally the usual suspect on stuff like that.

Next up for my newly found ring is to go and get it resized.  I had it sized down right after I lost the weight in 2013 however even after they did the work it still felt a bit loose.  Comparing the new and old rings it is apparent the new one fits much more snug and still comes off pretty easy.  i will try to bring it in within the next week so i can start wearing it again.  I am so glad that mystery is solved.  I still would look at A for a alibi first if something like this happens again.


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