Times Square can be a challenging place to work.  It is crowded with tourists most of the year.  The tour bus people always harass you to buy tickets even when I feel like it is pretty obvious i am not a tourist.  Then there are the off brand cartoon characters trying to get you to give them money to take photos with them.  30 Rock was totally on the money about them.  With all of that I still love working in Times Square.

When describing were i worked i had to be more detailed than just i work in times square.  Especially for those from out of town.People would ask oh where in Times Square? And I would say right in time square… If you look up from my window you see the ball. I would also tell the story about the 10 stories high red Walgreens sign flashing at my window annoying the crap out of me for about two years. I get the blinds closed pretty much the entire time.

I do remember many days over the years I would grab my coffee and start walking to the office and enter time square with all the activity even at 7:50 in the morning you get kind of excited. It may be a New York centric thing to say however time square is arguably one of the centers of the world. Even with all the negatives it was has been cool working here.

Friday however was my last day working out of Times Square. My group is relocating to an office in Hoboken. I found out about the Hoboken move after my London relocation was already pretty much done. The move wasn’t really going to impact me much since the overlap of me going to Hoboken before London would be for only a short period of time. It works out to about six weeks between when the move happened and when I will relocate. During that time. I’m glad i am relocating to another country since this move adds about 20 to 30 minutes to my commute. Not the end of the world however it pushes the commute to Borderline challenging especially when I need to get home to pick up the girls,

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Hoboken. We toured the office about a week ago and it looks really nice. The lunch room has a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. It looks like there’s plenty of things to do around the office for food. Maybe not as much is Times Square however how many places have that much stuff to do like times square? It’s just that it’s further from my house and it’s not time square. Sorry Hoboken. I’m just being honest. You’ll never have a place in my heart like the Times Square office did.

I’m also going to miss a lot of my old group. I might have moved organizations in May however I still sat near people I worked with for several years. We would still go to lunch and grab drinks after work. I know all of that would change when I move overseas however this brings that date up by six weeks that I was not originally planning on.

I still hope to grab drinks now again before I leave. I have to pass right by the Times Square office on my way home from the Hoboken office anyway. It’s not really that far out-of-the-way to meet up with people. I wonder how many times actually will do it. It is still my intention to make the effort while I am still in NY.

I don’t think I’ll find another office when at 8:15AM you will hear cheering in the background because some crowd of people is yelling at the TV morning show being filmed a block or two away.

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