Hoboken, you make it so difficult to dislike you. The Times Square office had a fantastic view. You had to go on one off that with a gorgeous skyline view of Manhattan. You took a standard desk setup that I had for 2 years in Times Square and you had to kick it up a notch with a hydroelectric standing desk standard. Now that is cool and I promised my neighbors to annoy them with the hydronic lift randomly let’s face it that function is lost on me. Simply for coolness factor it gets points though.

Then the office has to be nice and bright with lots of personal space to go if I needed it. Then there is a boutique coffee shop only a few blocks away that was on par with Grumpy’s.

I almost like you Hoboken. Almost… all the things I discussed are great yet you still will always be geographically undesirable. My morning commute was around one hour and twenty minutes. I took a local for a seat however at the time I traveled the express isn’t that much faster.

In the end let’s face it I will hardly remember you Hoboken. You are a 4 week layover until London. I footnote in my life. I will be back a few more times. Till then…

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