I feel I am experiencing a normal phenomenon, yet I still find it very odd. It feels like my kids have been recruited into the CIA or other secret agency. It might be fight club. I am not sure. What I do know is when I ask either of my daughters how there day went they say some variation of I don’t want to talk about it.

I feel that is a typical kid thing to do. One of the teachers said its normal and they will eventually start talking about stuff that happened weeks before. OK great I am still waiting to hear about stuff from April then.

If that wasn’t semi-frustrating enough both of them will tell me stuff that happened that actually didn’t happen. Ussually it is just fantastical enough that you know it is BS. Last year for example in Teagan’s class there was a boy we will call F. Every day F would do some wild and crazy thing. Some stuff I don’t even know if it is possible for a 4 year old to do so it was pretty apparent that it was all made up. Then of course I meet the kid. Funny enough there is a good chance he was the kid in the class that required a decent amount of discipline. I am not saying he was the worst kid in class or that anything T said was true. it was just funny that in her own way she was saying he was difficult.

Of course with a track record like that it is hard to tell if she is telling the truth. The other day Teagan was telling me a story about the bus driving very slow almost not at all during a field trip. Then the teacher said something and they waited for another bus and then went back to school. The elaborate description about the bus driving very slowly sounded far fetched so I filed it away as another imaginary event. It wasn’t until the next day when i saw a post from one of the Mom’s who went on the trip passing on that there was bus trouble during the field trip. After she explained the situation it was apparent that Teagan was spot on with her description. Now the girl has me so turned around i can’t tell when she is telling the truth about stuff at school. Well played my little one. Well played. Now please stop teaching your younger sister do to the same thing.

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