I am hoping it is universal for little kids to constantly ask if they “ate well”? For those without kids that is their code for did I eat enough to get desert or a treat. Little tip kids if you are asking it is likely a “no, no you did not eat well”.

My wife and I realized the effect of sugar on T early on. We try to avoid treats or desert every day. That doesn’t mean the girls do not get treats or try to get them often enough.

Recently we have experienced a new phenomenon. T will eat a lot f her meal or even all of what us in her plate without anyone asking. At or near the end of the meal she will ask if she ate well. At that point I am like, actually you did. At time of writing this T has done that at least 3 times with successful desert for her. Now all she needs to do is not be a crazy person after getting desert so I won’t regret giving her anything.

Her sister is not as evolved. She is still at the phase of being outraged when told. She cannot have desert after not eating a single piece of her dinner. MC and I are just bastards. I am hoping she learns or just toned down the yelling. I am good with that. I know neither are realistic for a while.

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