When explaining my Resilio personal cloud setup to someone at work they replied that i have my own personal Horcrux minus the killing.  I liked the idea so I think i am naming my Resilio backup setup HorcruxNet.

The network is having its biggest test this week in its 3 or so years of existance.  I am moving.  Movers are packing up our stuff tomorrow.  That means i am putting my electronics into “Cleaning Lady Safe Mode”.  it is what i used to have to do when our cleaning lady showed up.  I would unplug everything so she didn’t mess stuff up.  She did a few times.

I have expanded my network to have replica or partial replica copies on my laptop.  I also have 3 working remote sites thanks to friends and family hosting some nodes.  While we move and my two primary full nodes (my Synology) and mac mini) will be offline for about 4-5 weeks.  During that time my remote hosts will hopefully keep humming along.  With my home network offline i doubt there will be much changes however since my laptop has a partial replica if i do make changes it will propagate out.

I love a nice well configured computer system if I do say so myself.

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