Last year for our anniversary we had a baby sitter and went to a Michelle star restaurant for dinner. It was pretty dam good evening. Tonight we went in a different direction. I had to be home to pick up the girls since MC had an appointment to get her NIS number. The girls were a bit punch drunk probably from lack of napping and still adjusting to the time zone differences so we were not up for taking them out for dinner. We did want to do something to celebrate our anniversary so we opted for Pizza take away.

We have decided to go through the list of all 22 or so places in the pizza category of the take away app we started using. This was our 2nd pick. Papa John’s was our first pick. Neither were great. I thought this was ok, however T decalared several times she did not like it. Once she even said she wanted NY pizza with a crust. Not sure why since she barely eats crust when pizza has any but i digress.

After dinner we got to get quick FaceTime’s in with both sets of grandparents then the kids went to bed. Next up a nice glass of the only alcohol I drink in our house Jack Daniels.

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