Hi IRS robo-call that sounded like you were from the movie War Games. Here is the thing.  You called on a number I do not think I gave the IRS.  You sounded very threatening.  Good job scaring people however I don’t think the government will do that.  Also how is 2 phone calls all you give to warn people?  The real IRS has reached out to me in the past.  it is several letters, not just two calls.  Nice try.

The best part about this is when I called the number you called me at you answered the phone right away.  Like one ring.  Do you really think i am going to believe that a government agency like the IRS is going to pick up in one ring with no IVR saying hello IRS?  I was tired so I didn’t decide to play with the guy who I got on the other end of the phone but I thought about it before I hung up.

All of that and a simple internet search of the number you used for your caller id: 347-966-5628 comes back with reports of spam. https://www.callercenter.com/347-966-5628.html#complaints

I should be annoyed however I was slightly amused.

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