With the news in April about a 3rd party company stealing tons of Facebook user data is in the headlines it envouge to delete Facebook accounts.  For me I have limited my Facebook exposure for years.  I deleted my account once a in 2013 and started over with no content.  I have also limited what goes onto the platform.  Prior to deleting my account i looked for a way to purge en mass content.  Facebook suprise doesn’t make it easy for you to do that.  That was why i deleted my account in the first place.

Early last year I stopped looking at and updating Facebook.  Late last year I came back for specific reasons I wrote about here.  Those reasons still are valid so I do not want to go as far as deleting my Facebook account however I have little trust in their motives to collect so much data about me or their ability to safeguard that data.

Instead of deleting my account I found a script that sort of worked to remove content or hide content from the past 6 months. It scrubbed posts, likes, etc.  It is perfect for my use.  It should have worked for my entire timeline however i had issues with it. Thankfully I have been very sparce on my usage of Facebook over the years so cleaning up manually was not too bad. For anyone who used it every day for years may not be able to do the same thing.

What I am now left with is simply posts from my blog that are public on the internet. A few group discussions i took part in and mainly birthday posts from people. What I am not able to get rid of easily is tags of me in posts. I had to settle for manually hiding them from my timeline.

For many what i did in an hour or two would not be possible without significant effort due to the volume o content people post and the fact that Facebook does not let you easily get rid of stuff.

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