I have been trying to embracee the terms used in my new home.  M sometimes makes fun of me because of it.

Sometimes you have to adapt.  If i asked around for a bathroom people would likely not help because they dont know what i mean so I adapt and use Loo or Toilet.  I keep remembering i need to call what i know as pants, trousers.  if i call them pants people will think i am talking about what i know as underwear.  so adapting is necessary a lot of times.  When you start talking like that you continue to use the terms even at home or when you don’t need to.  That is when i get the funny comments from M sometimes.

As we learn the right terms we also adapt.  Many terms i knew already, like lift vs elivator or toilet vs bathroom.  Others I didn’t know like popsicle vs lolly.  Lolly makes sense to me so when M told me about it i was like ok, noted.  Then there is the stuff that doesn’t make much sense to me.

M said that cotton candy is candy floss.  I was like WTF?  It didn’t make much sense to me.  As of writing this it make a little more sense than when I originally heard it but still not much.  I have a few other translations i noted I want to write about.  This one however popped in my head when i had a few minutes to write.

Now I am off to get a chocolate Lolly and pondering how unhealthy candy floss is.

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