M originally had plans for last night. She changed them / they got moved. That gave her an opportunity to BBQ. This was a first for her. We do not have a fancy BBQ grill however that didn’t stop my superstar M. For under £3 she picked up a one time use BBQ thing and grilled up hot dogs and hamburgers.

The girls had a play date and hung by the pool in the garden and then had BBQ. For desert M even had a red, white, & blue (strawberry, whipped cream, & blueberry) desert with ice cream. With the perfect weather this was an unexpected fantastic evening with the family. And if you look close enough you can see the Batman plate I used (thanks to A for liking DC comics)

I am glad that even with 30 minute delay on the Tube i was able to home just in time for the start of the grilling.

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