It was hot (hot for England) at like 27 Celsius today. That is like 80 something in that Fahrenheit system that I used in the US. After the kids were in bed M and i decided to go out to our garden and relax. It was nice i whipped up some cocktails and we read. It was a nice relaxing end to the week.As we were sipping our drinks it started to get windy and cool. We both looked at each other and said it might be time to go inside. Then i looked at my watch and realised it was 9:40 PM. It wasn’t daylight but it isn’t dark. I am still fascinated at how different enough the weather and day/night times are here than NY. By 9:40 PM in NY during any day of the year it would be dark and cold. Here it is light enough that you can still read and it is still cool but not cold outside.

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