With school out for 7 weeks the girls are in day camp for a few days a week.  You can send each kid to camp with 50 pence for a snack they can purchase after lunch.  The girls were excited about that so M has been sending them to camp with money for snack.

The other day A didn’t eat her lunch, or eat well while at camp.  Presumably she did eat her snack so M withheld A’s money the next day.  There does need to be consequences to not following directions.

That lead A to apparently take her coin purse (presumably with coins in) it to camp.  She took it upon herself to buy a snack.  Outstanding questions remain around  how much it cost her since she really can’t tell the coins apart from each other.  What facts are in evidence is she got her snack.  Her coin purse went to camp.  Knowing A i am not surprised she pulled a stunt like this.  Before she could talk she would smile at you while hiding her favorite stuffed toy in a bag or behind her back as she smuggled it out of her room (she knew she wasn’t supposed to do that).

If the apocalypse does happen I know who to turn to for black market items.

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